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Why My Violin Doesn't Make Sound

As a seller, the one most frequently asked question by newbies and parent is "Why my violin does not make sound" . It is like sitting in a new car, without putting gear in Drive and asking why my car is not moving. Though a violin is not as complex as a car, as a owner, it is important to know the basics to fully enjoy the instrument.

So to answer this question, we found this article from wikihow.com is very helpful, and we would like to share with you.

How to Rosin a Bow

A bow without rosin will produce virtually no sound when it’s drawn across the strings of an instrument. But when rosin is added to your bow, it’s able to “catch” the strings and produce vibrations, which result in the music you hear. If you’re starting with new rosin, you’ll need to rough up the surface. Then you can make your first application to a new bow or regularly apply it to an old one.

Method 1 Choosing and Preparing the Rosin